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Blue Elephant Stone Machine

Stone CNC machine mainly refers to stone CNC router and stone CNC machining center. We can also call CNC stone cutting machine, stone carving machine, marble engraving machine, etc. It can carve, cut, drill and other processing for marble, granite, bluestone, sandstone, etc. Read the following latest buyer’s guide to choose the best and affordable stone CNC machine.

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Blue Elephant
Stone Machine

Stone Machining Center

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The stone CNC machining center usually refers to the large-sized CNC router machine for marble, granite and other stones processing. One CNC stone engraving machine can realize processes such as circular arc water-blocking grinding and polishing, countertop basin hole cutting, edging, etc. We also have the CNC bridge saw for sale, which combines the cutting tools and a saw blade. It can realize CNC stone cutting, engraving, and carving of quartz, marble, granite, etc. House decoration, construction, advertising, mold, can use quartz CNC machine and 5 axis stone CNC machine.

Bridge Saw Machine

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We can use 5 Axis Stone Bridge Cutting Saw machine for diversified stone business. It is good at special-shaped cutting, polishing, edging, drilling of granite, marble, quartz, etc. Therefore, we can also call it stone bridge saw cutting machine, stone bridge saw for quartz, etc.

Stone CNC Router

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The stone router machine can complete functions of engraving, cutting, milling, and polishing of granite, quartz, marble, etc. Therefore, we also call it marble CNC router, granite CNC router, quartz stone machine, etc. Our stone CNC machine includes 3 axis stone router, 4 axis stone CNC engraving machine, and 5 axis stone CNC machine. In addition, we can customize the machine specifications of the CNC router machine.

What is a Stone CNC Machine

What is a Stone CNC Machine
The stone CNC machine can process various natural and artificial stone materials. For example, stone CNC machine can process quartz stone, marble, slate and so on. So we can also call the granite CNC machine, marble CNC machine, quartz CNC machine, etc.

As we all know, the traditional stone processing method brings a lot of dust and harmful gases, which is not friendly to the environment. In addition, there are many disadvantages in the processing function, such as low processing accuracy, unsatisfactory processing effects, inflexible processing methods, low production efficiency, etc.

However, the stone CNC machine is able to solve all the problems mentioned above. Different stone CNC machines can cut, carve, engrave, mill, polish, or conduct other processes to stone materials. So we often call them the stone carving machine, stone engraving machine, etc.

Classification of the stone CNC machine

Different stone CNC machines of various models and specifications can achieve different functions. We can simply classify the stone CNC machine according to the following criteria.

Accroding to the functions, the stone CNC machine falls into the stone CNC router and the stone CNC machining center.

Let's talk about the stone CNC router first. Similar to the wood CNC router, the stone CNC router has the same working principle and structure. But the worktable, CNC router bits, and some other CNC router kits are designed for processing hard stone materials. The stone CNC router machine can carry out the engraving and carving on granite, marble, ceramic tile, etc. We can also use engrave patterns and characters on granite, limestone, marble, and other stones. 

The stone CNC machining center is usually a stone CNC machine with upgraded functions. The stone CNC machining center often has a large working area, for example, 1500*3000. This allows the machining center to carve, engrave, and cut big workpieces. Compared with the stone CNC router, the stone CNC machining center has more complete functions and the processing process is more intelligent. 

What type of stone CNC machine does Blue Elephant supply?

Blue Elephant currently provides three major types of stone CNC machines. The first one is the stone CNC router with various specifications. Customers can customize the specifications of the stone engraving machine to meet specific requirements. For example, customers can choose the worktable size from 600x900mm to 3000*1500mm. Besides, they can also add multiple spindles, a rotary device, an automatic tool changing spindle, or a rotating spindle to the CNC stone engraving machine.

The second type is the large-sized stone CNC machining center. This type of stone CNC machine usually has a large worktable and complete functions. The stone CNC machining center is mainly for processing quartz countertops, marble, granite, or other stone slabs. So It is also called the marble engraving machine, CNC granite cutting machine, quartz stone machine, etc.

The third one is a 5 axis CNC stone cutting machine. It combines the CNC router bits and a cutting saw to realize multiple advanced cutting and milling functions. This CNC bridge saw can cut the stone slabs in any angle by adjusting the angle of the saw blade. With optimized CNC software, the CNC bridge saw is simple to learn and operate.

Application of the stone CNC machine

We can use the stone CNC machine in construction, decoration, inscription technology, stone carving art, models, kitchen and bathroom countertop, handicrafts, etc.

A stone engraving machine can engrave multiple stones. For example, granite, marble, sandstone slab, limestone and various artificial stones. The granite carving machine can complete relief engraving, letters and patterns engraving, hollow-out engraving and other processes.

The quartz stone CNC machining center integrates the functions of cutting, edging, drilling, polishing, chamfering, and engraving. It mainly processes the quartz stone, marble, granite, etc. We can use the CNC quartz and marble cutting machine in forming and polishing kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, stone coffee tables, etc.

Major parameters of the stone CNC machine

Parameters of stone CNC router
Model ELECNC stone engraving machine
Worktable size 6090, 1212, 1325, 1530 2040, 2050, customized
Axis 3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis stone CNC machine
Capability 2D and 3D engraving
Spindle Water-cooled spindle, 4.5kW, 5.5kW, 6kW for option
CNC router software Type3, Artcam, Alphcam, Ucancam, etc.
Control system DSP, Mach3, Nc-studio, Syntec, etc.
Optional Rotary device, multiple spindles, rotating spindle, ATC spindle, independent control cabinet, etc.
Price range US$3,000 to $30,000
Parameters of stone CNC machining center
Model ELECNC stone CNC machining center
X, Y axis travel (mm) 1500x3000, 2100x3000, 2100x4000, customized
Z axis travel (mm) 300, 400, 500, customized
Spindle Water-cooled spindle
Control system Syntec, Weihong, customized system,
Application Quartz, granite, marble countertops, tables, background walls, ceramic tiles, wall reliefs, bar counters, etc.
Optional Rotary device, multiple spindles, rotating spindle, ATC spindle, independent control cabinet, etc.

How much does a stone CNC machine cost?

Since the stone CNC machine has many specifications, the stone CNC machine price varies greatly from machine to machine. The price of a stone CNC router ranges from $3,000 to $30,000 on average. However, a stone CNC machining center may cost you at least $20,000 due to its advanced functions.
The stone engraving machine price depends on many factors, including machine specifications, configuration, selection of parts, after-sales service, and maintenance. In addition, the shipping fees and taxes, if you buy overseas, may also add cost to the stone engraving machine price.

For instance, an entry-level 3 axis 1325 granite CNC router may cost you $6,000. But if you upgrade the worktable to 1500x3000mm, the stone CNC machine price may reach $7,000. Besides, when you add a rotary device, change the spindle into a 4 axis rotating spindle or ATC spindle, its price will continue to rise. Therefore, the stone CNC machine price range is for reference only. Please contact us if you want to know the exact price of a stone engraving machine.

Advantages of the stone CNC machine

  1. Easy to learn. Any operator can skillfully operate the stone CNC machine after a few hours of normal training. This reduces the reliance on programming and high-end computer mechanics.
  2. Environmental protection and health, stay away from pneumoconiosis. The processing of the stone CNC machine complies with the requirements of the national environmental protection mechanism. Besides, the water cooling method ensures a dust-free processing process and creates a healthy working environment.
  3. Solid structure. The machine bed and the gantry structure of the stone carving machine is welded with high-quality steel materials. It is tempered to ensure that the CNC stone cutting machine will not be stressed and deformed for permanent use.
  4. The parts of the granite CNC machine are precision machined by CNC one-time clamping to ensure the overall accuracy of the machine.
  5. The system of our quartz stone CNC machining center integrates the functions of CAD, CAM, and CNC with a better human-machine exchange experience. Anyone who knows how to use CAD can make designs on our quartz stone machine.
  6. The CNC machine for stone cutting adopts a powerful mechanical spindle with stronger rigidity and greater torque. It ensures higher cutting and milling efficiency.
  7. Automatic tool change stone CNC machines can realize tool changing automatically without manual participation. So the operator can also do other work at the same time, reducing human labor to the greatest extent.
  8. The stone CNC machine for sale comes with a circulating water tank, and the whole machine realizes self-circulation. Customers just need to change the water regularly to clean the tank.

Advantages of our 5 axis CNC bridge saw

  1. Our 5 axis CNC bridge saw adopts the self-developed 5 axis bridge saw head and the cast rotating holder with better rigidity.
  2. With a high-precision RV reducer, the saw head has better accuracy in rotating. It is more convenient to remove the material with the moving sucker cooperating with CAM software to avoid overcutting of the saw blade.
  3. The worktable of the CNC bridge saw can turn by 80 degrees at most, which facilitates the loading and unloading of stone materials.
  4. The control system of our CNC bridge saw integrates the CAM software, which is easy to make drawings and generate paths.

How to use the stone CNC machine correctly?

With CNC technology, the stone carving machine can complete most work automatically and precisely. But how to use the marble CNC machine has a great effect on its working status and service life. Proper use of the stone CNC machine can definitely guarantee machining precision and extend its lifespan.

I. Working environment

  1. The stone engraving machine is high-tech mechatronics equipment, which has certain requirements for the working environment.
  2. Put your CNC stone engraving machine away from the equipment with strong power and magnetism. Because they may badly affect the signal transmission of the granite CNC machine.
  3. Please use the three-core power supply to ensure good grounding of the stone CNC router machine and reduce interference.
  4. The stone CNC machine shall be used with stable voltage and avoid large ups and downs. Please use a voltage stabilizer if necessary.
  5. Do not use your CNC machine for stone cutting and engraving in a strong acid or alkali environment for a long time.

II. Maintenance and care

There will be dust and powder during the CNC stone cutting and stone engraving process. Accumulation of the dust may hurt the CNC stone cutting results and precision. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct maintenance and care to the stone CNC machine regularly.

Pay attention to keeping the ballscrew and guide rail of the stone router machine clean and lubricated. Timely clean the dust and powder on the transmission parts and apply lubricant oil in time.

III. Preparations before operating a stone CNC router machine

A reasonable machining process is also important to guarantee the processing accuracy of a CNC stone machine for sale. So, in order to ensure accuracy, please pay attention to the rationality of the processing technology. This requires the operators to be familiar and skilled with the CNC stone carving machine.
Operators must be fully familiar with the stone router machine before operating by receiving training from the manufacturer or self-learning. It'd be better if the operators have a proficient computer operating ability. Besides, it is necessary for the operators to master the selection of different engraving speeds for different materials and the use of different tools. This often requires the accumulation of experience, and mastering it well is of great benefit to prolonging the life of the granite CNC machine and the tools.

Operators need to know the purpose of common CNC router tools, engraving motor speed, travel speed, precautions, etc. Besides, they need to know the choice of CNC tools based on different materials and processes.

What’s more, operators must be familiar with the application range, thicknesses, finished product sizes, and purposes of various stones. So, they can operate the machine to complete various work on different materials properly.

Last but not important, the stone CNC machine is compatible with multiple CNC router software. For example, Wentai, Casmate-pro, Caxa, Mastercam, Artcam, Smartcam, Type3, and other Blue Elephant custom software. To achieve the best engraving and carving results, operators need to choose a suitable software and use it correctly.

Safety operation procedures of the stone CNC machine

  • Guarantee regular inspection and maintenance of the stone carving machine. If there are damaged or worn tools or other parts, please replace them in time.
  • Properly use the personal protective equipment. Be aware of hazards associated with clothing, jewelry, or other items that may be entangled in the stone router machine.
  • Check whether the lubrication and protective devices of each part meet the requirements before operation.
  • Reasonably choose CNC router tools and fixtures. During the operation, observe whether the workpiece clamping is loose at any time. If it is loose, stop the marble CNC machine immediately to adjust immediately.
  • If you are not sure about the first tool or are afraid of making mistakes, you can slow down the feeding speed. Then adjust the speed back to normal when you feel that the engraving is normal. Or you can also simulate engraving in the empty stroke to see if it is normal.
  • Pay attention to the surrounding conditions to prevent a collision when the stone engraving machine runs quickly.
  • If there is abnormal heat or sound in the motor of the marble engraving machine, stop the machine to check immediately.
  • Do not put any tools, gauges, or workpieces randomly on the guide rail or worktable of the granite CNC router.
  • Do not touch any moving part when the stone CNC machine is running.
  • The operation of the CNC machine for stone cutting shall comply with the process regulations. Do not arbitrarily modify the set parameters and operating procedures of the manufacturer in the CNC system.
  • Press the emergency stop button in case of any emergency.
  • After completing the stone carving process, please return the coordinates of the X, Y, and Z axes to "0". Wipe down the stone CNC machine, clear the work area, and cut off the power.

Precautions for buying a suitable stone CNC machine

First, you need to know the functions of different types of stone CNC machines. This helps you choose the most suitable machine. The small stone CNC machine has the basic engraving and caving functions, and can process small-sized stones. For example, the stone CNC router can engrave letters, patterns, reliefs, and hollow-out works on granite, marble, and other stone slabs. While a large stone CNC machining center is more often used to process kitchen or bathroom countertops, bar counters, tables, etc. The quartz CNC machine can complete the processing of the front Roman edge, rear water blocking edge, basin hole, tap hole cutting, special shape cutting, grinding and polishing, and the background wall carving.

Then, you need to find a suitable stone CNC machine manufacturer and discuss the specifications and price. For instance, the spindle type and power, motor type and power, worktable size, guide rail, control system, etc. Manufacturer can customized all these specificationsaccording to your specific requirements. This also means that you must be clear about your processing needs.

Thirdly, remember to sign a contract with the stone CNC machine manufacturer. It can not only specify the rights and obligations but also protect the legitimate rights of both parties. The contract can also be used as the evidence if the stone router machine you received are not correspond to what was described in the contract.

Last but not least, the after-sale service is also an important factor when buying a stone CNC machine. Some small or informal manufacturers usually provide poor or even no after-sales service. This has a great influence on the use and legal rights protection of the machine. So be sure to investigate and check the service system of the manufacturers before buying a stone CNC machine.