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Multi-head CNC Router

The multi-head CNC router can meet the needs of mass production of products, especially when engraving the same patterns on a wooden board. The number of spindles can be customized based on the user’s demands and is better less than 8. All spindles can work at the same time, greatly improving work efficiency. It is good at mass processing wood wave boards, cabinet doors, doors, screens, cylindrical furniture legs, etc.

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What is the multi head CNC router?

A multi head CNC router is a wood CNC machine which mainly designed for users with small product sizes and large processing volumes. It generally has 2 or more spindles mounted on one head or independent heads.

A multi spindle CNC machine is also called the simple version of an automatic tool changing machine. Controlled by related cylinders, the multi spindle CNC router can exchange spindles freely. Recently, the multiple-head CNC router has been widely used in the production of panel furniture.

The spindles of a multi head CNC router can be customized according to the user's specific processing needs. Multiple spindles can process simultaneously to meet the needs of batch processing of products. Especially when processing the same pattern on a board, multiple spindles can process at the same time. It greatly improves the processing speed of the board.

One multi head CNC router can complete the work of multiple CNC routers at once, which greatly improves the production efficiency. And the finished products by a multi head CNC router have a better consistency. In the case of a small production volume, a single spindle can work independently. Besides, the production cost can be controlled reasonably and effectively.

Therefore, with the advantages of fast processing speed, good consistency, low cost, high production efficiency, and diversified processing methods, the multi head CNC router is welcomed by domestic and foreign users. If you have similar batch production needs, this multi head CNC router is definitely your ideal choice.

What can a multi head CNC router do?

This type of multi-head CNC router machine is applicable to the processing of three-dimensional wave boards, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, craft wooden doors, paint-free doors, screens, craft windows, etc. It is widely used in antique furniture, European-style furniture, and other furniture industries.

The multi head CNC router is also good at processing cabinet doors, art embossed screens, craft windows, embossed craft gifts, solid wood art murals, woodwork calligraphy carving, art photo frames, electrical countertops, sports equipment, violin arcs, non-ferrous metal carving, and cutting.

Features and advantages of the multi head CNC router

  • Multi-purpose machine, economical and affordable. When the production volume is relatively large, multiple spindles can be processed simultaneously to complete the processing requirements of multiple machines at one time. When the production volume is small, a single spindle can also work independently, which can effectively and reasonably control production costs.
  • High production efficiency, high cost performance and good processing quality. Especially when batch processing of products, the product has good consistency and high quality, which greatly reduces the purchase cost of production equipment.
  • Longer service life. The multi spindle CNC machine body adopts an overall thick-walled all-steel structure design. After welding and tempering, the machine's body has the characteristics of strong rigidity, high strength and smooth rotation, which can ensure that the multi head CNC router will not deform and shake under long-term high-speed operation.
  • Humanized design. The embedded PCI numerical control system makes the machine tool and computer seamlessly combined. And the operation of a multi head CNC router is simple. The unique intelligent budget rule enables the motor to fully realize its high-speed potential, and the curved and linear synchronous processing is more perfect, and it has a worry-free operation for a long time. In addition, it has functions such as power off, break point re-engraving, and processing time prediction to realize a truly humanized design.
  • Good software compatibility. Adopting open software interface, the multi head CNC router can be compatible with the processing codes generated by various CAD/CAM design software, such as type3/Art cam/Cast mate/Wentai, to ensure the realization of various design functions.

Types of the multi head CNC router

As we know, multi head CNC machines have two or more spindles. Depending on how these spindles are installed, multi head CNC machines can be roughly divided into two types. One is that all spindles are installed on one machine head. For instance, the commonly seen dual spindle CNC router, three-head CNC router, and 4 head CNC router. The other type has independent heads, which means every spindle is equipped with one machine head. For example, double head CNC router, and 3 head CNC router.

The biggest difference between the two types of multi head CNC machines is their working mode. When the first type of multi spindle CNC machine works, only one spindle moves down to conduct work. While the other spindles are on standby. However, the two or three spindles of an independent multi head CNC router can move down to work together. They move in the same paths to process the same patterns. Some models can even process symmetrical patterns.

The CNC router with a horizontal spindle also belongs to a multi head CNC router. The horizontal spindle is usually mounted on one machine head together with the vertical spindle. It usually has two lateral bits, which can drill holes and make slots on the side surfaces of a panel.

Two spindles work at the same time and process the same patterns, which can improve efficiency. So independent multi head CNC machines are suitable for batch processing. But you need to note that two spindles work on one worktable. So the working area of each spindle is small.

Parameters of the multi head CNC router

Specifications of the multi head CNC router vary based on different customers' demands. So every multi-head CNC wood carving machine has a specific price. Contact us if you are interested in any of our multi spindle router. Our salesman will understand your needs and recommend suitable specifications for you.
Working area 1300x2500mm, 1500x3000mm, 2000x3000mm, customized
Number of spindles One head with 2, 3, 4 (not recommend over 4 spindles)
Independent heads of 2, 3 (not recommend over 3 heads)
Spindle power 3kW, 2.5kW, 4kW, 6kW, customized
Worktable type Aluminum, or vacuum table
Control system Mach3, DSP, LNC, NK105, SIEMENS
Compatible software Artcam, Alphcam, Type3, Ucancam, etc.
Command language G code
Re-positioning accuracy ±0.08mm
Voltage 220V/380V, 50/60Hz, 1/3P, optional
Optional configuration Rotary axis, ATC, auto loading & unloading platforms

 Multi head CNC router price

Like other CNC woodworking machines, the multi-head CNC router price also depends on the specific machine configuration. Everyone needs different spindle powers, working sizes, control systems, etc. So prices of the multi head router vary widely. The price of a multi-head CNC wood carving machine ranges from USD5,000 to USD20,000 on average. For specific prices, please contact our sales staff. They will quote according to the machine specifications you need.

Many factors can affect the price of a multi spindle CNC router for sale. The most important one is the configuration of the machine. For example, worktable type and area, spindle type and power, motor type and power, etc. The higher the configuration, the higher the price. Blue Elephant provides multi-head CNC machines with basic configuration and also supports private customization. If the multi head CNC woodworking machine does not meet your needs, we also recommend other models for you.

Another large expense is the shipping fee. Sometimes, the freight of a multi head CNC router could reach half of the machine price. For example, a Sweden customer bought an ELE 1325 CNC router with three 6.0kW HQD spindles. Its machine price is around 8400 US dollars. However, the shipping fee to Gothenburg port may need 4500 US dollars. So the total CNC router price could exceed $13,000. This is just an example, and the shipping fees varies greatly every day.

How to choose a multi-head CNC router

The selection of a multi head CNC router must be based on your processing needs. So it is essential to understand your needs.

To process doors and frames with complex patterns, you can choose our 4 head CNC router. It has four spindles (generally, 6kWx2 and 4.5kWx2) mounted on one machine head. The 4 head CNC router realizes automatic tool changing by cylinder switching and can meet the production demands of four or less than four processes. What’s more, the price of a 4 head CNC router is relatively cheaper than the ATC CNC machining center.

To process symmetrical patterns, please consider a woodworking machine with independent machine heads. For each additional machine head, a set of motor and drive is added. Therefore, the independent multi spindle CNC machine is more suitable for cutting and engraving hard materials. In addition, there is a limit to the size of products processed by independent multi-heads. So you need to determine the processing area corresponding to each head with the manufacturer before purchasing.

If you have horizontal drilling and slotting needs, please consider a multi head CNC router with a horizontal spindle. Combined with a vertical spindle and a horizontal spindle, this CNC woodworking machine is very suitable for cabinet processing. Generally, the horizontal spindle selects 3.5kw power, which can well complete the horizontal drilling and slotting. This type of multi head CNC router is quite popular in wood furniture makers and workshops.

Difference between a wood CNC router and a multi-head CNC router

The multi head router is a type of wood CNC router. Their biggest difference lies in the number of spindles. Having 2 or more spindles, the multi spindle CNC machine can complete multiple processes in one operation.

An ordinary CNC wood router has only one spindle carrying one CNC tool for cutting and engraving. To engrave other styles of patterns, you may need to change the CNC tool manually. Of course, if adopting an automatic tool change spindle, this process can also be done automatically.

In addition to ordinary doors, windows, cabinets, screens, furniture, molds, etc., the multi spindle CNC machine can also carve complex wood artworks. The multi head CNC wood carving machine can also complete more patterns, such as relief and shadow carving.

The multi head router is a simple version of the automatic tool-changing CNC wood router. For example, 4 head CNC router can automatically change among 4 tools. But its price is cheaper than the ATC machine. So it is very popular in small and medium-sized panel furniture factories.

Difference between a multi head CNC router with an ATC CNC machine

As we mentioned before, the multi-spindle CNC router is regarded as a simple automatic tool change machine. For example, a 4 head CNC router can exchange among its four spindles automatically during operation. But it can only carry 4 CNC tools. If you produce more processes, four tools may not meet your demands. Besides, we don't recommend a CNC router machine having more than 4 spindles. In such case, an automatic tool changing CNC router could be a better choice.

An ATC CNC machine has an ATC spindle and a linear or disc type tool magazine. This magazine can carry 6,8, 12, 16, or 20 CNC tools according to your requirements. So you can complete more complex details with an ATC CNC woodworking machine than a multi head CNC router.

In terms of the CNC router price, the ATC CNC machine price is relatively more expensive than a multi head CNC router. So, if you are not on a limited budget and doing complex woodworking, we strongly recommend an ATC CNC router instead of a multi head router.

Reasons and solutions for the multi head CNC spindle vibration

Some users may encounter spindle vibration during the working process. This may cause unsatisfied or inaccurate results. So we need to find the reasons and solve this vibration.

The spindle vibration of a multi spindle router may be caused by the following reasons:
  1. The multi head router is not placed on level ground.
  2. Bearing gap of the multi head CNC router spindle is too large.
  3. The spindle of the multi head CNC router rotates at a too high speed or the cutting speed is not within a reasonable range. For example, when engraving materials with big density, low spindle rotating speed and fast cutting speed could cause vibration to the spindle.
  4. The workpiece is asymmetrical, and the center of gravity does not coincide with the middle of the CNC wood router.
  5. Wrong parameters could also cause spindle vibration.
  6. Spindle bearing is worn.
  7. Spindle motor and motor seat are loose.
All the above could be the reason for spindle vibration of a multi head CNC router. So when the spindle vibrates, check the above-mentioned cases successively. Then conduct relevant solutions based on the problems. For example, put the multi head CNC router on level ground. Adjust the rotating speed of the spindle or feeding speed appropriately. Adjust the processing parameters. If you can't solve the vibration, please contact the manufacturer of your multi-head CNC router.

How to maintain the multi head CNC router

  • A multi head router shall run continuously for less than 10 hours a day.
  • Keep the cleanliness of the cooling water and normal operation of the water pump. Replace the cooling water of the multi spindle CNC router regularly to prevent excessive water temperature.
  • Clean the wood chips timely after using the multi-spindle CNC router, especially on the worktable and guide rails.
  • Apply lubrication to the transmission system (X, Y, and Z axes) on a regular basis to keep smooth movement.
  • Apply lubrication and make an idle run regularly if you don’t use the multi head router for a long time. This helps maintain the flexibility of the transmission system.
  • Always check the condition of each part and whether screws are loose and cables are well connected.
  • Operate the multi spindle CNC router for sale according to the operating procedures, and do not disassemble its parts randomly.
  • Remember to shut down the multi head CNC router before maintaining the machine to prevent human injury.