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Nesting CNC Machine

Nesting CNC machines are the best furniture manufacturing machines for cabinet makers and furniture manufacturers. They can set up the furniture production line or realize their custom furniture making projects, plans, and ideas by using these machines.

Popular Functions

Panel Sizing
Wood Engraving
Edge Profiling
Precise Drilling
Saw Cutting
Lamello Pocket Openning
Auto Tools Changing
Auto Drill Bits Changing
Cutting Optimization

And the CNC nesting machine can cut, drill, punch, groove, pocket, and engrave various wooden boards. With the help of automatic nesting software, the nesting CNC router can maximum the utilization of a wood panel and minimize cutting time.

A nesting machine can be equipped with multiple additional functions to increase the CNC cabinet making efficiency. For example, nesting CNC router with automatic tool changer, multi-spindle nesting machine, nesting machining centres with auto loading, unloading, and labeling platforms, nesting CNC machine with double worktables, etc. We also provide other wood nesting machine to meet your custom and personalized panel furniture production requirements.

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Nesting CNC Machine Buyer Guide

What is CNC Nesting?

CNC nesting is a kind of CNC machining technology which refers to the process of laying out the cutting and engraving patterns to reduce the processing time and the amount of waste resource. In a word, CNC nesting technology aims to produce as many parts as possible with as little material as possible.

What is a Nesting CNC Machine?

The nesting CNC machine is a computer numerical control equipment specially designed for the production of panel furniture line. It is also known as CNC nesting machine for sale, furniture making machine, CNC router nesting near me, nesting CNC router for furniture, furniture manufacturing machine, cabinet CNC machine, kitchen cabinet door making machine, CNC machine for cabinet making, cabinet door machine for sale, etc.

Nesting CNC machine is mainly used to cut various wooden works. Generally, through the design of intelligent software, the nesting CNC routers can automatically optimize the typesetting design and generate the effect map. Besides, the nesting machine can also perform operations such as modification intuitively, and automatically generate various paths. Therefore, it can save sheets and improve sheet utilization. The nesting CNC machine is widely used in the furniture industry such as cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, solid wood doors, paint-free doors, solid wood composite doors, and suite doors. If you are a manufacturer of furniture production lines, this nesting CNC machine is definitely one of your indispensable CNC equipment.

What is the Furniture Production Line?

The fully automatic panel furniture production line can realize mass production. The combination of automatic nesting software and automatic nesting CNC router realizes production automation, which greatly reduces the labor costs and increases the production capacity.

At present, the furniture manufacturing industry is constantly developing, and the furniture market is also expanding. It is no longer enough to rely on manual furniture making to meet social needs. Therefore, in order to solve these problems, major furniture making manufacturers have begun to design new CNC furniture equipment, such as CNC side hole drilling machines, CNC edge banding machines, CNC panel saws, multi-process CNC nesting machines, automatic tool change woodworking CNC machines, etc. These devices can be combined with each other to form different automated panel furniture production lines. 

In order to give everyone a clearer understanding of the furniture production line, I will make a detailed introduction from the following two aspects.
  • Advantages

1. Fast and efficient
The fully automatic panel furniture production line can process the panels continuously and uninterruptedly. On the one side, it saves the interval time to the greatest extent; on the other side, it realizes the seamless connection between the processing steps.
2. Improve the utilization rate of the board
Through the data analysis of CNC furniture system, it is possible to rationally process the plate through optimizing the typesetting CNC furniture software. Moreover, the utilization rate of the plate can be greatly improved.
3. Save labor costs
The auto furniture production line can realize the automatic loading and unloading of the panels. Besides, the CNC cutting and edge sealing can also be fully automated. Through it, only one worker can complete the processing of the entire CNC production line.
4. All functions in one
It has the functions of cutting, nesting, drilling, engraving, carving, grooving, punching, edge banding, and so on. At the same time, custom furniture software can realize procedures such as unpacking - nesting - loading - cutting - edge banding - drilling - unloading without repeated input or output.
  • Furniture production line matching assemble

Panel furniture production supporting scheme has the advantages of labor saving, costs saving, high efficiency, and rapid production capacity increasing. And to some extent, it accelerates the transformation of small furniture factories into large and medium-sized furniture factories for large-scale production.

1. Small production mode: four-process nesting CNC cutting machine or linear ATC furniture CNC nesting machine + CNC wood drilling machine. It is an entry-level furniture production line with less investment, low threshold, small footprint, less labor, low cost, and strong risk-taking ability. However, it also has some disadvantages such as low production capacity, high labor intensity, and fierce competition.

2. Medium-sized production mode: automatic loading and unloading of ATC CNC machining center + six-sided CNC drilling machine. This furniture production line is by far the most efficient matching for CNC custom cabinets and custom CNC furniture making. Manual, fast, and the same labor and cost can process furniture products exponentially. And greatly reduce the manual labor.

3. Large-scale production mode: ATC nesting CNC machine + CNC computer panel saw + CNC multi head drilling machine. This production line is suitable for mass production and is the first choice for engineering.

How does the Nesting CNC Machine work?

The working principle of the woodworking nesting CNC machine is to use special software on the computer for planning and typesetting and transmit the generated file information to the CNC nesting controller. Then the nesting CNC control system generates pulse signal that can drive the stepping motor or the servo motor according to the received information to control the main machine of the woodworking nesting CNC furniture making machine. And finally generates the processing path of the X, Y, and Z axes.

The high-speed rotating head on the wooden nesting machine cuts the material fixed on the machine worktable with the tool configured according to the processing material. And then it will engrave various plane or 3D relief graphics and characters planned in the computer. 

CNC wood nesting machine is an economical and cost-effective CNC equipment, which integrates positioning, drilling, engraving, grooving, cutting, and nesting. And it is an intelligent device for traditional panel furniture enterprises to enter modern and numerically controlled production. Moreover, it can even replace computer table saws and table saws to truly complete intelligent production, and save labor, materials, as well as time.

Features and Advantages of the Nesting CNC Machine

1. Increase the plate utilization by 40%

The nesting cabinet CNC machine adopts a milling tool to cut the material, which can be arbitrarily turned to cut special-shaped workpieces and improve the utilization rate of the plate. 

2. Labor saving 

One person can operate multiple nesting CNC machines, which greatly saves labor costs and reduces production costs. 

3. Reduce labor intensity 

The nesting CNC router machine can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading system, making the operation easier and simpler. It greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. 

4. High safety 

If you do not pay attention when using the table saw, it is easy to hurt your hands and cause unnecessary accidental injuries. While the safety factor of the nesting wood CNC router is higher, which will basically not cause personal injury. 

5. Better vacuuming effect

The nesting CNC machine for wood is equipped with a double-cylinder vacuum cleaner. And its vacuuming effect is 3-5 times higher than that of the table saw. 

6. Higher productivity

The wood nesting CNC machine adopts full automatic loading and unloading system. At the same time, the nesting workload is 1.5 times that of ordinary manual cutting. 

Types of Nesting CNC Machine

  • Single-head Nesting CNC Machine 

This nesting machine is mainly used for cutting, grooving, engraving, and drilling vertical holes on plates. Generally, friends who have just entered the furniture industry will choose this entry level CNC nesting router machine. Because it is the most basic nesting machine for sale and this kind of nesting CNC machine price is relatively cheap. Therefore, it is also named as the best nesting CNC machine for beginners or CNC nesting router for small business. The disadvantage of such a type of wood nesting CNC router machine is that there is only one machining spindle and can not realize complex nesting CNC projects. If you want to perform multiple processes, you need to manually change several different tools. Of course, very few processing plants now use this machine because of low production efficiency. 
  • Multi-process CNC Nesting Machine 

The multi-process nesting machine mainly refers to double process nesting CNC machine, three process nesting CNC machine, or four process nesting CNC router. What does the multi process mean? It means that the multi-functional nesting CNC machine is equipped with multiple machining spindles, which can continuously and uninterruptedly complete the work of cutting, slotting, punching, cutting, etc. No manual tool changing is required, and the processing speed is more than three times faster than ordinary single-head nesting machines. Manufacturers of a little scale and some newcomers with sufficient funds will choose this CNC machine. 

The biggest highlight of the double-process nesting CNC machine is that a drilling package is added to the nesting machine. Therefore, this type of nesting CNC machine for sale includes a single spindle router with row drilling, a dual spindle CNC nesting machine with row drilling, automatic tool change spindle nesting CNC with row drilling. This type of nesting CNC can realize rapid vertical drilling and can automatically change the CNC drilling tool according to different hole positions. Therefore, the production efficiency of this type of CNC nesting cutting machine is very high. 
  • ATC CNC Nesting Furniture Making Machine

Here are two type of ATC nesting CNC router for cabinet and furniture. One type is the linear ATC CNC nesting machines, and another is the ATC wood nesting machine with carousel tool magazine. And the automatic tool change spindle of this panel furniture CNC making machine is a top-brand high-power spindle with fast processing speed. The nesting machine bed is specially customized and has very high stability. This ATC wood nesting CNC machine is equipped with an independent tool changer magazine. Any tool can be placed in the magazine. The tool can be changed automatically according to different processing techniques during processing, which saves the time of manual tool changing. With the highest configuration, this type of nesting CNC router for sale is widely used for customers of various types of processing. 
  • Multi-functional Nesting CNC Furniture Manufacturing Machines

Actually, Blue Elephant CNC Machinery Company provides many different types of nesting CNC machines for sale with many different functions, such as CNC wooden door lock making machine for sale, nesting CNC cabinet door making equipment with saw, auto nesting CNC feeding furniture making machine, automatic furniture making machine with drill, CNC nesting router machine with two worktables, labeling CNC nesting machine for sale, intelligent labeling and nesting cell, etc. They are all entry level nesting machines that added with different processing tools like CNC drill bits, saws, ATC spindles, worktables, labeling system, loading and unloading system, etc, to achieve more processes.

Nesting CNC Machine Application 

1. Advertising and gift making industry

CNC router nesting machine is used to carve all kinds of two-color plate signs, plexiglass, 3D billboards, two-color figure statues, embossed medals, organic plate embossing, 3D door characters, etc.

2. Model and mold making industry

Sand table models, house models, engraving button relief mold, printing bronzing mold, injection mold, stamping mold, shoe mold, plastic light box mold, etc.

3. Woodworking industry

Wood nesting machine (also named as the machine for furniture production) can make classical mahogany furniture products, wave boards, 3D engraving craftsmanship, and embossed pattern designs.

4. Automotive industry

Processing of tire mould, lamp mould, and car interior decoration, etc.

5. Aluminum cutting industry

Aluminum plate, aluminum-plastic plate, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum profile, etc.

How Much does a Nesting CNC Machine Cost?

Actually, the CNC nesting machine cost is affected by many factors, such as the nesting machine configurations, faxes, shipping cost, packing cost, etc. Therefore, the nesting CNC machine price has very big differences. The following CNC nesting machine price quotation is just for reference. In general, the nesting machine cost ranges from $12,000 to $50,000. Except these, Blue Elephant also provide custom service for customers. So you can design the cheapest best nesting CNC machine as you want. 
Nesting CNC Model Nesting CNC Machine Price
CNC wooden door lock making machines $13,000 - $25,000
Four-process CNC nesting cabinet making machines $13,000 - $25,000
Feeding CNC machine for furniture making $13,000 - $25,000
Automatic nesting CNC machine with drill $13,000 - $25,000
CNC cabinet making nesting machine with saw $13,000 - $30,000
Labeling CNC nesting machine $28,000 - $32,000
Nesting CNC flatbed router with two worktables $13,000 - $28,000
Intelligent nesting CNC cell center $35,000 - $50,000

Nesting CNC Routers VS. Wood CNC Routers

Both nesting CNC machine wood cutter and CNC woodworking engraving machine belong to wood machining equipment. They can both be used for wood CNC cutting and engraving. And from the working principle to the appearance of the CNC machine, the CNC wood engraving machine is similar to the wood nesting CNC machine. How ever, here are many differences. What are the differences between wood nesting machine for sale and wood CNC engraver for sale? It is also a big concern that many businesses have when choosing CNC routers. Next, I will make a clear explain.

1. Processing field

Generally speaking, the main function of CNC wood router machine is CNC engraving. While the nesting CNC machine is mainly used to cut a board into different sizes. CNC nesting router machine is a special equipment for custom-made board furniture with multiple functions such as cutting, punching, carving, grooving, edge milling, and engraving.

2. Machine bed structure

The bed structure and accessories used by the nesting machine are much higher than those of the CNC wood carving machine. Therefore, furniture CNC wood nesting machine can adapt to long-term cutting work with very fast processing speed. Although ordinary woodworking engraving machine or multi-process CNC engraver for sale can cut material, its bed structure and mechanical parts determine that it cannot carry out cutting work for a long time. Otherwise, it will cause deformation of the bed and lower mechanical precision.

3. Positioning cylinder

Ordinary CNC engraving machines do not have positioning cylinders. However, the panel furniture needs to be punched and slotted on the front and back, the lack of positioning cylinders will lead to errors in the hole spacing. In order to ensure good processing accuracy, nesting machines are generally equipped with positioning cylinders. .

4. Spindle configuration

Traditional wood engraving machines basically have only one spindle to cut and engrave. And there is no way to realize automatic tool changing. If you want to process complex processes, you need to manually change the tool, which wastes a lot of manpower and time. The CNC nesting cutting machine can switch between multiple cutter heads to realize the automatic tool change of three or four cutter heads, and even the carousel tool magazine. It can process both the front and back of the cabinet to punch holes.

5. Automation degree 

The nesting machine for CNC furniture can cooperate with automatic CNC systems such as feeding, unloading, and labeling to truly realize automatic production. And one person can complete the operation. At the same time, the nesting CNC machine has more detection and fault-tolerant mechanisms. In addition, the operation of such a nesting CNC equipment is very simple. Even an ordinary worker can complete the operation after simple training.

6. Control system

The nesting CNC machine near me can continuously increase the utilization rate of the plate by cooperating with a number of designs and layout optimization software. And then it can realize automatic order unpacking and cutting. Besides, the operation method can be improved by simple CNC analysis. But our ordinary CNC woodworking engraving machine cannot complete it in time.

7. Dust removal effect

The dust removal function of the nesting machine is much stronger than that of the CNC engraver machine, and the dust removal effect is better.

To put it simply, the nesting CNC machine that the woodworking engraving machine can do can do, but the CNC engraving machine that the nesting machine can do cannot. So if you just do some hollow carving and relief cutting of door panels, you can choose woodworking engraving machine. But if you plan to make panel furniture involves cabinet body and cabinet door, please choose the best CNC nesting machine for sale.

3 Steps to Buy A Nesting CNC Router  

First of all, you must clarify the material and size you want to process. And then you can determine the type of nesting machine according to the material you processed.
Second, make sure the CNC nesting projects or nesting CNC products that you plan to produce. To some extent, it will determine the function of your nesting CNC machine model. Or in other words, using which kind of automatic nesting software will depend on your CNC nesting ideas.

Last but not the least, you have to cooperate with a very reliable CNC nesting manufacturers. Trust me, a good cooperator will help you remove a lot of your troubles. For example, it can provide you with diy CNC nesting routers with good quality and in time after-sales service support.

How to Choose a CNC Nesting Manufacturer? 

Choose a specialized nesting CNC router manufacturer 

The precision, speed, and stability of the CNC nesting machine are quite high. Ordinary woodworking engraving machines can never meet the technological requirements of CNC machines. The best nesting CNC  machine is not as simple as just adding weight to the wood engraving machine. Therefore, when choosing the best CNC nesting machine for sale, you must choose a professional manufacturer with guaranteed technology and assembly process. We ensure the high accuracy of each router machine to provide customers with the highest quality products. 
Pay attention to the configuration of the nesting CNC machine Compare the detailed machine configuration of the nesting CNC machine for sale. And the components mainly include spindle, invert, drive system, guide rail, screw rod, control system, etc.  

Choose the appropriate nesting CNC router for sale

For manufacturers with a sufficient procurement budget, they can choose automatic loading and unloading CNC wood nesting machines for sale. For small and medium-sized panel furniture factories with a limited budget, the four-process cheap nesting CNC machine is the preferred model. The four spindles can be installed with four different nesting CNC tool bits, which can ensure the fast cutting speed and can punch small holes below 6 mm. Moreover, this nesting CNC cabinet making machine can meet various processing techniques such as cabinet and cabinet doors. 

If the best nesting machine for sale can be equipped with an auxiliary unloading system, the overall processing efficiency is not much lower than that of the fully automatic unloading and unloading model. But such a type of nesting machine price is very high.