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5 Axis Bridge Saw

The 5 axis CNC bridge saw is an advanced multifunctional cutting and shaping machine for the stone processing industry. It is a highly complex machine tool,we can use it to cut, shape and profile of quartz, marble, granite and other stone materials.

The 5 axis bridge saw cutting head can swing 360°to cut the stone slabs. So that the 5 axis CNC stone bridge saw machine can perform complex cutting, beveling, curves and even 3D shaping of the stone material. It is an ideal choice for creating complex designs and shapes. At the same time, the 5 axis bridge saw platform can flip 85°, making loading and unloading convenient and labor-saving. Therefore, 5 axis CNC bridge saws gains popularity in the fabrication of kitchen countertops, dressing tables, architectural elements, etc.

Additionally, we support 5 axis CNC bridge saw customization to realize your stone cutting designs and projects.