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CNC Drilling Machine

The CNC drilling machine is an auxiliary equipment popular in the panel furniture production line. It includes various professional CNC drill kits like CNC drilling system, CNC drill table, and CNC drill bits to drill, groove, and punch. We can use it to drill vertical holes, horizontal holes, and side holes in wood, and make grooves on wooden boards or invisible parts. Therefore, we can also call the machine as wood drilling machine, vertical CNC drilling machine, wood hole machine, and side hole drilling machine.

If you are looking for a fantastic wood boring machine in India, USA, UK, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, Chile, or anywhere in the world, Blue Elephant can offer you different types of CNC drilling machine. We have high quality CNC drilling machine such as single head drill machine for wood work, double head drill machine wood cutter, three head carpenter drilling machine with a saw, and also the six-sided CNC drilling machine. Thus CNC beginners, small business, medium-sized shops, and large companies will have more chances to start new business or make nice CNC drill projects. Blue Elephent will support everyone in the furniture industry, woodworking industry, advertising industry, crafts industry, or other manufacturing industries.

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CNC Drilling Machine Buyer Guide

What is CNC Drilling? 

CNC drilling is a kind of drilling technology that uses a CNC drilling bits (CNC router drill bits) or CNC drilling tools to punch round holes or square holes on the workpiece. And CNC drilling holes is typically used to accommodate screws or bolts for assembly. Sometimes CNC drilling can also be used for aesthetic.

What is the CNC Drilling Machine? 

CNC drilling machine is a type of CNC router designed for vertical CNC drilling, horizontal CNC drilling, CNC side hole drilling, six-side CNC drilling, multi side CNC drilling, CNC square hole drilling, etc. Usually, the CNC drilling machine for sale is consisted of CNC drilling system, CNC drilling spindle, CNC drilling table, CNC drill head, CNC drilling softeware, CNC drill frame, and other CNC drilling kits. 

CNC drilling machine plays an irreplaceable role in the furniture production line and woodworking industry. It is also named as CNC boring machine, CNC hole drilling machine, drill CNC machine for sale, CNC deep hole drilling machine, CNC multi boring machine, etc. 

How does a CNC Drilling Machine Work?

1. Create the component design in CAD software
The first step in drilling a hole is to design it digitally in CAD software.
2. Convert the CNC design into wood drilling machine instructions
Once the component design is complete, it needs to be translated into a language that the CNC unit can understand. This step typically requires running the CAD design through CAM software to generate machine code.
3. Load the instructions into the wood hole machine
When loaded into a CNC wood drilling machine, machine code controls how the CNC wood hole machine and CNC drill bits move and operate throughout the drilling process.
4. Setting up the CNC driller machine
Setting up a CNC wood drilling machine usually involves installing the appropriate drill and securing the specified material to the table.
5. Perform the drilling operation
After loading the machine code, the operator installs the appropriate CNC machine drill bits and put the material on the table. Then starts the CNC drilling process through the control panel or interface. And lower the drilling spindle to drill holes with appropriate diameters.
6. Evaluation Components
After the CNC drilling is complete, the operator should evaluate the components for any errors or defects.

What Materials can a CNC Boring Machine Process?

Because CNC boring machine is also a kind of CNC router machine, it can process materials the same as other wood cutting machines or wood engraving machines. The best CNC drilling machine can punch holes on many different metal and non metal materials. For example:

CNC drill wood, CNC drilling acrylic, CNC drilling for glass, MDF CNC drilling, stone CNC drilling, CNC drill plastics, CNC drill aluminum, stainless steel CNC drilling, copper CNC drill for sale, plywood CNC drilling for sale, etc.

CNC Drilling Machine Parameters

Model Automatic six sided CNC drilling machine, single head side hole drilling machine, double head side hole boring machine, three head wood drilling machine
Tools vertical drilling tools, horizontal drilling tools
System QIYUE, Blue Elephant custom system
Size 3300*1250*1300mm, 5832*2727*2367mm
Motor & Drive Servo motor & driver
Price Range $3,000 - $300,000

CNC Drilling Machine Applications 

The uses of CNC drill instruments vary, but can include the following applications:
1. Furniture Making
Cabinet doors, solid wood doors, plywood plates, antique furniture, wooden windows, birch shoe cabinets, oak tables, pine chairs, mahogany bookshelf, solid wood wardrobe, etc. 
2. Decorations
Screens, wave boards, large-size wall hangings, advertising boards, lights,  and sign making. 
3. Arts & Crafts
CNC drill on artificial stones, woods, bamboos, marbles, organic boards, double-color boards and so on for achieving effects of exquisite patterns and characters. 
4. Musical Instruments
Dizi, guitar, Taoxun, guzheng, erhu, violin, and other orchestral instruments that need to be drilled.
5. Prototyping and 3D Modeling
CNC drilling is popular among the 3D model making because modules need to be drilled to assemble.
6. Aluminum and Brass Machining
CNC drilling holes on the brass sheets, aluminum panels, sliver and gold for metal manufacturing industries and jewelry business. 

For CNC drilling machines made in China, choose Blue Elephant CNC machinery, we are your strategic partner for precision machining. With over 10 years of experience providing precision custom machining, we offers the best machine and service to customers of all sizes and industries. When you work with us, you can trust that you will not only receive competitive pricing, but also fast turnaround and high-quality products.

If you need custom precision machining with CNC drilling, please contact us for assistance.

Types of CNC Drilling Machine

According to the processed materials, we can divide the CNC drill machine into wood drilling machine, carpenter drilling machine, plywood drilling machine, CNC PCB drilling machine, CNC acrylic drilling machine, MDF drilling machine, CNC plate drilling machine, drill machine for wall and wood, woodwork drilling machine, woodworking line boring machine, etc.

According to drilling hole shape and depth, we can divide the CNC drilling hole machine into square hole drilling machine, round hole drilling machine, CNC deep hole drilling machine, etc.

Depending on the CNC drilling method, we can divide the CNC boring machine into side hole drilling machine, CNC multi boring machine, vertical CNC drilling machine, CNC horizontal drilling machine, etc.

In addition, you can also choose a hole drilling carving machine like new CNC drilling machine, used CNC boring machine, CNC beam drilling machine, diy CNC drilling machine, automatic CNC drilling machine, six-sided CNC wood hole machine, etc.

Features and Advantages of CNC Drilling Machine

1. CNC drill hole machines have fast speed, high precision, and long service life.
2. Adopting the very stable CNC holing system, high-speed linear guide, and high-precision ball screw, CNC hole drilling machine will ensure the higher machining accuracy of the product.
3. Using good-quality spindle and servo motor, the CNC drill machine can ensure rigidity and accuracy during movement.
4. CNC drill machine for sale can process various complex parts, which is a sharp tool for CNC mill drill.
5. The CNC drilling equipment has limited switches on the X,Y, Z axes. And the machine will not be damaged when the worker misuses it.
6. USB communication interface, data transmission is faster and more stable.

How Much does a CNC Drilling Machine Cost?

Every person who wants to buy his first CNC driller machine would considerate the CNC drilling machine price. However, different CNC boring machine price vary from types of CNC drilling machine. For example, the wood drilling machine price ranges from $3,000 to $30,000; the square hole drill machine price ranges from $6,000 to $30,000; the acrylic CNC drilling machine price is from $3,000 to $20,000, etc. 

And if you have plans to make some CNC drilling designs or CNC drill projects, you will have ideas to purchase an economical CNC drill hole machine. But how to buy a cheap wood drilling machine or an affordable CNC boring machine? Usually, the single head wood drilling machine price, round hole CNC drilling machine price, and CNC multi boring machine price are relatively cheap. While the high-end six-sided wood drilling machine price is more expensive for processing more sides.

What is Wood Drilling Machine?

Wood drilling machine is also called CNC wood boring machine, wood hole machine, and wood drill CNC machine for sale. As the name implies, CNC wood drilling machine is a type of CNC machine that realizes the punching, boring, and drilling on wood works. Especially in the furniture production line, wood CNC drilling machines play an irreplaceable role. It can not only realize flat hole punching, vertical hole punching, and side hole punching, but also can drill other multiple angle holes.

Why Choose Wood Drilling Machines? 

Wood CNC drilling machine is a better choice than hand held drill machine. The wood hole machine is safer, more efficient, and more precise. The CNC wood boring machine not only reduces the user's production cost but also greatly improves the production efficiency. Therefore, more and more users like to use the wood carving drill machine. Especially for users who engaged in the furniture production line, the production process has been optimized to a large extent, and it is indeed the best CNC drilling machine choice. 

In furniture production, the wood drilling machine includes CNC nesting machine with multi-head drill, single head side holing machine, double head side drilling machine for sale, three head wood hole machine for sale, and six-sided CNC drill boring machining center. And the drilling effect and drilling efficiency achieved by different drilling CNC machines are quite different.

What is Six-side CNC Drilling Machine?

The six-sided automatic CNC drilling machine is a kind of CNC multi boring machine which can realize the CNC drilling on multi sides of the work piece. 
The fully automatic six-sided horizontal drilling machining center is equipped with 12 top vertical CNC drill bits, 8 horizontal CNC router drill bits, and 9 bottom vertical CNC machine drill bits. These different types of CNC drill bits can complete the CNC holes drilling of the front side, the back side, and other four sides of the workpiece at one time. Moreover, the whole CNC drilling process is without manual plate picking and has the features of high precision and labor saving.
And the six side CNC deep hole drilling machine has the advantages of high precision, easy operation, full automation, and fast speed. Moreover, this automatic CNC boring machine for sale is a the indispensable CNC drilling equipment for furniture. Especially for those manufacturers who want to increase their output or custom panel furniture industry, a CNC six-sided drilling mill machine with a CNC cutting machine is definitely the best choice. 
Compared with the CNC drilling effect achieved by the CNC nesting machine and the side hole drilling machine. The use of a six-side drilling machining center can not only save more labor but also has more advantages in processing accuracy and machining efficiency. Therefore, CNC six-sided CNC drill equipment is an indispensable drilling CNC equipment for customized furniture manufacturers.

What is Side Hole Drilling Machine?

The CNC side hole drilling machine or wood CNC boring machine for side holes is an practical woodworking horizontal drilling machine. With the CNC cutting machine, it can form an economical panel furniture CNC production line. And widely used in the production process of various panel furniture. Compared with the traditional sliding table saw and row drill. The side hole machine adopts the gantry structure. And the guide rail supporting surface is stable, the rack transmission method, the transmission is stable, and the long-term high-speed operation is not deformed or trembling. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high drilling precision and fast drilling speed.

CNC Nesting Machine with Row Drill 

The CNC nesting machine with row drill is a special kind of wood cutter drill machine for cutting and drilling of customized panel furniture. Compared with traditional sliding table saws and electronic cutting saws, the CNC drilling cutting machine can get rid of the traditional cutting mode relying on labor. It can also realize the vertical CNC drilling while cutting the material. We can realize intelligent production by combining with dedicated production design software.

How to Buy a CNC Wood Drilling Machine?

In my opinion, purchasing a CNC wood driller machine for sale should take the following aspects in the consideration. 

First of all, try your best to choose a professional and responsible CNC drilling machine manufacturers. Only the best CNC machinery can provide you with the best CNC drilling machine and the excellent after-sales service. And a good CNC wood drilling machine supplier will use the world-class CNC drill kits, CNC drilling system, CNC drill software, and CNC drill bits. They can better ensure the good quality, high precision, high stability of the CNC boring machines. In addition, they can also give you the best after-sales service support to handle with your various kinds of problems. 

Second, make clear what kind of CNC drill ideas or CNC drill plans you want to design and produce. For example, it is wood CNC drilling design, acrylic CNC drill projects, pcb drill products, or other CNC drill solutions? Know your processing requirements can not only help you find the most suitable kind of CNC drilling machines, but also assist you produce the best CNC drilling ideas. Therefore, you should find out about your processing needs as soon as possible.
Last but not the least, you should pay more attention to the machine orders. For example, you should negotiate with them all the contents of the contract including wood drilling machine price, drilling machine warranty time, drilling machine delivery time, deposit, final payment, shipment, etc.

Precautions of Wood Drilling Machine

1.The use environment of the wood drilling machine for sale
For the wood CNC drill machine, it is best to place it in a constant temperature environment and away from equipment with large vibration and electromagnetic interference.
2.Power requirements
The voltage of drilling wood CNC machine must be stable. If it is unstable, a voltage stabilizer must be installed.
3.The CNC boring machine for wood should have operating procedures
Carry out regular maintenance, pay attention to record, and protect the scene in case of failure.
4. The CNC wood drilling machine should not be stored for a long time and should be properly opened for use.
5. Pay attention to training and staffing of operators and programmers.