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Stone CNC Router

What is the stone CNC router?

Stone CNC router is specially designed for all kinds of stone processing. It is suitable for the carving and engraving on various types of stone, metal, jade, crystal, wood, man-made materials, synthetic materials, etc. The main functions include embossing, lettering, hollowing out, cutting, seamless stitching, surface treatment, table milling and so on. And it is widely used in inscriptions, garden engineering, large-scale sculptures, handicraft carvings, home improvement, film and other industries.

Features and advantages:

1. Automatic leveling function: It can correct the concave, convex and uneven slope of any stone surface. The software automatically generates a new program based on the floating of the stone surface, which conforms to the surface characteristics of the stone.

2. Stable table structure: The table adopts high-quality steel structure and double beam design, and the gantry and work surface are respectively supported by reinforced beams. Therefore, it has the advantages of bearing load, no deformation, and high stability.

3. Super cutting ability: Adopting high-power drive system coordinated with the spindle's stable engraving, it has the features of greater torque force, smoother operation, precise and powerful cutting point. And Y-axis uses dual motor synchronous drive, it has the features of strong power, high stability, and can realize the process of 70 mm Granite thickness.

4. Longer service life: Use stainless steel sink, protection plate and other parts to fully protect the transmission parts and electrical components, so that the machine has a long service life.

5. Advanced professional control system: It can be compatible with Type3 / Artcam / Castmate / pro-e / Ug / Cad / IIIustrator / Wentai / Jingdiao and other software.

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