1815 Multi-head10


This multi-spindle CNC router has a variety of machining functions. Firstly, with the four spindles, it can meet a variety of work pieces at the same time, improving production efficiency. And equipped with a counter top with a sink, the machine is more suitable for machining work pieces in the stone industry or in metal. The water spray function can reduce the wear on the spindle during processing, thus extending the life of the machine. In addition, this machine can also be used in the woodworking industry, such as processing some hardwood and other materials. If you have a processing need for mass production, consider this machine.


Description Parameter
Model ELECNC-1815
Effective Working area 1800*1500*200 mm (optional)
Spindle Changsheng water cooling spindle
Spindle speed 0-24000RPM
Motor and drive YAKO motor and driver
Control system Mach3
Inverter Best Inverter
Lubrication system Automatic lubrication
Working Table T-slot with stainless steel
Screw Taiwan TBI ball screw
Voltage 220V, 50HZ

PS:All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.

Close-up Pictures:

T-slot working table

1815 Multi-head5

1815 Multi-head7