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Applications of CNC Router in Furniture Making

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    With the maturity and wide application of CNC technology, the application of CNC wood engraving machines in the furniture industry is becoming more and more common. With the characteristics of full range, high intelligence, practical efficiency, mass production, fast speed and high efficiency, the engraving machine can realize most solid wood engraving or panel milling, and can retain the natural color, texture and texture of solid wood materials. Therefore, so the CNC router is widely used in the furniture industry and has become the first choice for the furniture manufacturing industry.
    Wooden furniture. Wooden furniture is made of solid wood and various wood composite materials such as blackboard, fiberboard, plywood and particleboard. The production of this type of furniture mainly involves wood carving machines, ATC CNC engraving machines, and automatic loading and unloading engraving machines and other CNC equipment.
    Metal furniture. All furniture with metal pipes, plates or sticks as the main structure and iron furniture made entirely of metal materials are collectively referred to as metal furniture. Most of the metal materials used in metal furniture are processed by stamping, forging, casting, molding, bending, welding, etc. Therefore, it mainly involves cutting equipment such as metal laser cutting machines, plasma laser cutting machines.
    Plastic furniture. Today's plastic furniture is made of PVC, that is, polyvinyl chloride. As the material itself is light, water-resistant, easy to clean, colorful, and highly plastic. The main machines involved in production include woodworking engraving machines, laser engraving machines and other equipment
    Glass furniture. Glass furniture is mostly made of high-strength tempered glass as the main material. This kind of glass is strong and durable, mainly involving cutting machines, engraving machines and other equipment.
    Upholstered furniture. Upholstered furniture is a combination of soft materials and surface materials. The surface materials are mainly leather, cloth, plastic and other materials. The machines involved are mainly shock knife engraving machines, woodworking engraving machines and other equipment.
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