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Application in the bathroom industry

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Bathroom industry

We all know that the products in the bath industry have unique shapes, such as various bathtub shapes, washbasin forms, shower head shapes, toilet styles, etc. CNC machining center is widely used in the kitchen and toilet industry due to its advantages of simple operation, low energy consumption, low noise, labor saving, fast processing speed, high processing efficiency, high precision, complete functions and low cost.

The CNC machining center can perform complex and diversified processing operations. The materials used in the kitchen and bathroom industry are mainly reflected in the processing of natural granite, marble, jade, blue stone, artificial stone and other materials. The processing technology in the kitchen and bathroom industry is mainly reflected in the carving of artificial stone, quartz stone counter tops and wash basins, tea trays, European-style edging, and drilling, sanding, sanding, carving and other processing techniques.

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