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Double Color Plate

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Double Color Plate

Double color plate, or ABS double color sheet, is a new type of flexible decoration material. It has the features of easy operation, and its finished product owns stable size.

In recent years, lots of the industries use such sheet, including building decoration, exhibition, advertising and logo production. Therefore, the scope of usage becomes naturally wide. The sheet is also usable in building decoration, advertising production and exhibition service. In addition, people can often see them in road sign production.

CNC Router is able to complete the processing of the double-color sheet. Users operate CNC Router with computer numerical control to engrave various patterns. The computer of CNC Router transfers signals to the main machine through the design input.

And then, according to the instructions of the computer program, CNC Router engraves the sheet that fixed on the work table. The machine runs automatically. And the tool is specially designed to process flexible materials. It will cut and engrave the sheet into the designed shape, size and pattern.

CNC Router for the double color sheet accepts ordinary sheet as the raw material. Mostly, CNC Router factories often provide customers solutions based on the needs of users. And they can also supply CNC Router for double-color sheet that meet their specific demand.

Application pictures of the Double Color Plate