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Paper, especially corrugated paper, is a common processing material in the woodworking engraving machine processing field. The paper tableware, paper stationery, paper packaging, decorative paper products are the daily used goods. It can be often made into greeting cards, invitation cards and paper artworks with beautiful patterns and shapes.

CNC engraving machine, or CNC Router for paper, is the "master of art" that manufactures these products. CNC Router for paper can complete the design according to the software drawing. Such process belongs to fully automatic operation. And the Router can quickly realize the processing of various complex graphics. It is also able to achieve rapid processing speed and flat and tidy edges.

During the cutting process, CNC Router will not generate any tool wear or mechanical deformation. So the loss of paper material is small and the yield is higher, which maximizes the utilization of raw material. After the processing of CNC Router, the paper products have high precision, delicate effect and strong 3-D impression. Some also show novel engraving styles.

CNC engraving machine also possesses the features of high degree of automation and simple and convenient operation. It adapts to the trend of paper production technology. It can also completely overcome the time-consuming and environmentally friendly shortcomings of traditional printing and can offer paper products higher artistic value.

Therefore, CNC engraving technology has become popularized in the paper processing industry of greeting cards, paper lampshades, packaging boxes and other artworks.

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