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  • Magnesium Oxide Board

    Magnesium oxide board (MGO board) is a new type of multifunctional building material. It uses magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride as the main raw materials and is mixed with a certain proportion of perlite, glass fiber mesh cloth, wood fiber, etc. It has the characteristics of lightweight, fire prevention, high strength, sound absorption, heat insulation, non-toxic and harmless, corrosion resistance, no mildew, convenient construction, long service life, and other advantages.

    The MGO board can widely replace the gypsum board, cement pressure board, and plywood used in the building. It is used as sealing board, wall partition, ceiling board, floor, door and window board, flue duct, fire board, basement waterproof substrate, container floor (lining) board, load-bearing board, external wall hanging board, fire door core board, fixture base board, packing box, and other various decorative base boards, etc.

    The interior walls, partitions, and ceilings constructed with the MGO board are strong, heat preservation, fire prevention, and sound absorption. It can be seen in hotels, malls, restaurants, clubs, hospitals, supermarkets, office buildings, and households.
    Our CNC routers can realize the cutting and slotting of MGO boards with high efficiency and perfect accuracy. By choosing the right CNC router bits, the MGO boards can be cut easily. Besides, the CNC router machine with two saws can cut the MGO boards fast and precisely with the saw blades.

    Furthermore, customers can choose automatic loading and unloading platforms to realize automatic line production from feeding, cutting, and unloading. This can improve work efficiency and reduce human labor.
  • Application pictures of the Magnesium Oxide Board
    mgo board samplemgo board samplemgo board samplemgo board sample
    mgo board samplemgo board sample
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