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15 Acrylic Laser Cutting Projects in 2024

Author: Jack; Last Modify: Jan 30, 2024
Acrylic is a versatile and popular material used in various industries, from art and design to engineering and manufacturing. When combined with laser technology, acrylic becomes even more exciting, allowing for intricate and precise creations. In this essay, we will explore 20 of the coolest acrylic laser projects that showcase the incredible potential of this material and the laser cutting process. From stunning artwork to functional objects, these projects demonstrate the fusion of creativity and technology.

How to make acrylic laser projects?

Creating acrylic laser projects involves several steps. Here's a general overview of the process:

1. Design

Start by creating a design for your project using computer-aided design (CAD) software. You can use specialized software like AutoCAD or Adobe Illustrator to create your design. Make sure to consider the size, shape, and intricacy of your design.

2. Material Selection

Choose the appropriate acrylic sheet for your project. Acrylic comes in various thicknesses and colors. Clear acrylic sheets are commonly used, but you can also opt for colored or translucent acrylic depending on your design preferences.

3. Acrylic laser Cutting

Once you have your design and acrylic sheet ready, you'll need a laser cutter or engraver. These machines use a focused laser beam to precisely cut or engrave the acrylic. Ensure that your laser cutter is suitable for acrylic materials and has the necessary power and settings for the thickness of your acrylic sheet.

a. Set up the laser cutter

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for setting up your laser cutter. Make sure the machine is properly calibrated and that the ventilation system is functioning correctly.

b. Prepare the acrylic sheet

Clean the acrylic sheet to remove any dust or debris. Place it on the laser cutter's bed, ensuring it is flat and secure. If necessary, use clamps or tape to hold it in place.

c. Configure laser settings

Adjust the laser settings according to the thickness and type of acrylic you're using. The laser power, speed, and focus should be optimized to achieve clean and accurate cuts or engravings. Consult your laser cutter's manual or seek guidance from experienced users if needed.

d. Execute the cutting process

Load your design file into the laser cutter's software. Double-check the positioning and alignment of the design on the acrylic sheet. Start the cutting process and closely monitor the laser cutter throughout to ensure everything is proceeding as expected.

4. Finishing Touches

Once the laser cutting is complete, carefully remove the acrylic pieces from the machine. Use a soft cloth to remove any residue or debris from the cut edges. If desired, you can polish the edges with a flame or a polishing tool specifically designed for acrylic.

5. Assembly and Display

If your project involves multiple acrylic pieces, follow the assembly instructions for joining them together. This may involve techniques like glueing, heat bending, or using specialized acrylic adhesives. Once assembled, display your acrylic laser project in a suitable location or use it for its intended purpose.

Top 15 coolest acrylic laser project ideas

Acrylic Laser-Cut Jewelry

One of the most popular applications of laser cutting is in creating intricate and detailed acrylic jewelry pieces. From earrings to necklaces, laser-cut acrylic can produce stunning designs with delicate patterns and precise shapes, offering a unique accessory for fashion enthusiasts.

Acrylic Architectural Models

Laser cutting allows architects to create detailed and accurate architectural models. Acrylic is an ideal material for this purpose, as it can be easily engraved and cut to represent intricate building structures, showcasing designs to clients and stakeholders.

Acrylic Wall Art

Artists have embraced laser cutting as a means to create stunning wall art. Acrylic sheets can be cut into intricate designs, enabling artists to experiment with different patterns and textures. Backlighting the acrylic adds another dimension to the artwork, creating a mesmerizing visual effect.

Acrylic Signage

Laser cutting is widely used in the production of acrylic signage. From business logos to directional signs, laser-cut acrylic offers a professional and polished appearance. The precise cutting and engraving capabilities ensure clear and legible signage.

Acrylic Home Decor

Laser-cut acrylic can be used to create unique and eye-catching home decor items. From lampshades to coasters, the possibilities are endless. Intricate patterns and designs can be engraved onto acrylic surfaces, transforming everyday objects into artistic statements.

Acrylic Trophies and Awards

Laser-cut acrylic is often used to produce trophies and awards. The versatility of acrylic allows for custom shapes and sizes, and the laser engraving adds a personal touch. The result is a beautiful and durable award that stands out.

Acrylic Electronics Enclosures

The precision of laser cutting makes acrylic an ideal material for producing custom electronics enclosures. From computer cases to smartphone stands, laser-cut acrylic ensures a perfect fit while providing a sleek and modern appearance.

Acrylic Decorative Screens

Laser-cut acrylic can be utilized to create decorative screens for both indoor and outdoor use. These screens can serve as room dividers, privacy screens, or outdoor installations. The intricate patterns allow light to filter through, creating beautiful shadows and patterns.

Acrylic Clocks

Laser-cut acrylic can be transformed into unique and stylish clocks. The precision cutting allows for intricate clock face designs, while the transparency of acrylic can enhance the overall aesthetic. Acrylic clocks become functional pieces of art.

Acrylic Coasters and Placemats

Laser-cut acrylic is perfect for creating customized coasters and placemats. Intricate designs can be etched onto the surface, making these functional items conversation starters at any dining table or coffee bar.

Acrylic Keychains and Accessories

Laser-cut acrylic keychains and accessories offer a fun and personalized way to showcase individual style. From personalized names to intricate shapes, acrylic keychains are lightweight, durable, and customizable.

Acrylic Bookmarks

Laser-cut acrylic bookmarks are a trendy alternative to traditional paper bookmarks. They can be designed with intricate shapes and patterns, adding a touch of elegance to any book.

Acrylic Business Card Holders

Make sleek and professional business card holders by laser cutting acrylic into functional and visually appealing designs.

Acrylic Wall Mirrors

Design and cut acrylic frames for wall mirrors, incorporating intricate patterns or geometric shapes for a modern and artistic touch.

Acrylic 3D Puzzles

Laser cut acrylic sheets into interlocking pieces to create 3D puzzles of animals, buildings, or objects, providing an engaging and visually appealing challenge.

Acrylic Business Card Holders

Make sleek and professional business card holders by laser cutting acrylic into functional and visually appealing designs.

Acrylic laser cutting machine recommendation

Recommending a practical acrylic laser cutting machine needs to consider the following key factors: laser power, cutting speed, software, working area, stability, safety, etc. Based on these aspects, I recommend two CO2 acrylic laser cutting machines of Blue Elephant.

Double head 1390 acrylic laser cutter machine 

This mixed CNC laser cutting machine features with two CO2 laser tubes. These two CO2 laser heads are usually equipped with high power, which can provide enough laser cutting power to cut acrylic materials quickly and accurately. At the same time, the two laser heads can cut two working areas at the same time, which greatly improves the production efficiency and shortens the processing time.


Laser source CO2 laser tube*2
Laser power RECI 75-150W, Yongli 300W
Working area 1300x900mm
Worktable Knife blade, optional: honeycomb
Cutting speed 0-30,000mm/min
Repeated accuracy ±0.01mm
Power supply 220V, 50/60Hz, 1Ph 
Cooling system CW300/CW500/CW5200/CW6000


Great production flexibility
The double-head CO2 laser cutting machine can flexibly adjust the position and working mode of the cutting head according to the needs. This means that the single-head or double-head working mode can be selected according to different cutting requirements, providing greater production flexibility and adaptability.
High cutting precision
Double-head CO2 laser cutting machine can cut complex shapes and details more accurately. Double heads working at the same time can reduce cutting errors, improve cutting precision, and obtain finer cutting results.
Save time and cost
The double-head CO2 laser cutting machine can complete the cutting task of two workpieces at the same time, thus saving production time and cost. For projects with large-scale production and high efficiency requirements, the double-head design can bring obvious economic benefits.

1325 mixed CO2 laser cutter for acrylic

Hybrid CO2 laser cutting machines can handle cutting needs of different materials, including but not limited to acrylic, wood, metal, leather, paper, fabric, etc.


X,Y,Z Working Area 1300*2500mm
Laser Power 130W, option: 150W, 180W, 200W, 300W. 
Laser type Sealed CO2 laser tube
Cutting speed 0-30,000mm/min
Working platform Blade platform
Position accuracy ±0.05mm
Graphic support BMP, PLT, DST, AI, DXF etc.
Cooling mode Water cooling and protect system
Working temperature 0~45℃
Working humidity 5%~95%
Drive motor Stepper
Exhausting method Exhaust by beam, funnel


Strong adaptability
The hybrid CO2 laser machine can flexibly adjust laser parameters and beam characteristics according to different materials and process requirements. It has functions such as adjustable power, pulse frequency and beam focus, and is highly adaptable to meet different cutting and processing needs.
Energy saving
CO2 laser is a non-contact cutting technology that does not produce dust, exhaust gas and waste liquid. Compared with traditional cutting methods, hybrid CO2 laser machines have lower energy consumption and environmental pollution, and are more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.


We explored 15 stunning acrylic laser cutting projects, each showcasing the endless possibilities of laser technology. From simple ideas to complex designs, these projects demonstrate the versatile uses of acrylic laser cutting in arts, crafts, and creative fields.If you want to know more about acrylic laser cutting technology and projects, please contact us.