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The Most Complete CNC Router Machine Buyer Guide in 2024

Author: Jack; Last Modify: Mar 30, 2021

What is a CNC router machine? This would always be the first question to come up when we first heard this kind of CNC machine. In this CNC Router machine buying guide, we mainly including issues as follows:

  • CNC Router Machine Introduction
  • CNC Router Machine Advantages and Why We Need it?
  • Common Types of CNC Router Machine
  • Popular CNC Router Table Size 
  • CNC Router MachineParts/Kits
  • CNC Router Machine Applications
  • Precautions of Operation
  • CNC Router Machine Training

Whether you are going to get involved in the field of CNC router machines or you are already in the field of CNC machines, this article about the knowledge of CNC router machines will definitely help you to understand the CNC router machine and purchase it. The Blue Elephant editor will share CNC router machines from the aspects of machine definition, processing advantages, machine types, machine core components, machine processing materials, application industries, etc. The better you know the machine, the better you can choose and use the CNC router machine.

Chapter 1: What is a CNC Router Machine?

CNC router machine is CNC wood router related to the hand-held router by computer-controlled. And it is always be used for engraving various materials, such as wood, Acrylic, PVC board, MDF, marble, rubber board, plastics, glass, and foams, crystal, etc. Relying on the advantages of complete types, wide application range, complete functions, high processing accuracy, fast production efficiency, and simple operation, wood engraving machines are loved by more and more users. In addition to the large demand in the domestic market each year, more CNC wood router are exported to various foreign countries.

Chapter 2: What are the CNC Router Machine Advantages? Why We Need it?

Learned what is a CNC router machine, But why we need it? What are the CNC router machine advantages? Compared with simple hand-craft:

  1. High cost performance. Processing requirements can be met without high procurement and training costs. This type of wood engraving machine can help users save 30% purchase cost. It also can be used as CNC wood cutting machine, especially for MDF, wood panel cutting.
  2. Wide range of applications. CNC wood router can be widely used in advertising industry, craft industry, mold industry, electronics industry, construction industry, printing and packaging industry, wood industry, decoration industry, tombstone industry, etc.
  3. Extensive processing materials. CNC wood router can meet the processing of most of non-metal materials like acrylic, PVC board, hibiscus board, two-color board, wood board, density board, marble, fire board, rubber board, glass, crystal.
  4. High degree of automation. Compared with the traditional processing methods in the past, the processing efficiency of the CNC wood router has been increased by 50%, which brings greater profit margins to users.

Chapter 3: Common types of CNC Router Machine

We have just learned What are CNC wood router advantages, Now we will introduce Common types of CNC wood routers - the most important part of this CNC Router Machine Buyer Guide, it helps guide your buying right CNC wood router:

  • Types A: CNC Wood Router
  • Types B: ATC CNC Router
  • Types C: 4 axis CNC router
  • Types D: Rotary axis CNC router
  • Types E: Stone CNC engraving machine
  • Types F: MINI CNC engraving machine
  • Types G: 5 axis CNC router
  • Types H: Foam CNC router

Types A: CNC Wood Router

This wood CNC machine is an entry-level CNC wood router for the woodworking engraving machine industry. It has the advantages of low cost, simple operation and convenient maintenance. This CNC wood router has the ability to perform movements around three different axes (such as X, Y, Z axes) simultaneously.

CNC Wood RouterCNC Wood Router

Design and typeset by special engraving software, and control the CNC wood router through the controller to generate X, Y and Z axis engraving paths to complete the processing of the materials fixed on the workbench, to achieve the user's various processing requirements for the work piece.

This CNC wood router mainly performs plane engraving on different plates. If you are just flat machining on some boards, this CNC wood router is definitely your ideal choice. It is worth mentioning that the common three-axis engraving machines on the market also include multi-head engraving machines, multi-process engraving machines, etc.

The following video shows our entry-level 1325 wood CNC router engraving patterns on a MDF board. This engraving process is quite smooth and stable.

Types B: ATC CNC Router

ATC CNC router refer to these engraving machines equipped with automatic tool-changing devices. This type of CNC wood router can meet the tool change requirements during processing without manual involvement.

ATC CNC RouterATC CNC Router Machine + 4th axis spindle

Compared to traditional manual tool change production methods, this type of woodworking CNC router machine has a separate tool magazine with different tool heads. It can be controlled by a computer program to automatically change the tools needed without stopping work during processing. Therefore, different processing requirements such as cutting, hollowing out, grooving, punching, slotting, and milling can be completed at one time, which can save time and greatly improve processing quality and production efficiency. Therefore, this type of engraving machine is the first choice for large-scale enterprises.

This video shows the ELE 1530 ATC 4 axis CNC router carving a 3D foam mold. The automatic tool change function not only greatly reduces the non-production time but also can finish different processes.

Types C: 4 axis CNC router

Four-axis CNC wood router refers to CNC machine whose processing paths include X, Y, Z and A axes. The spindle of this type of 4 axis CNC engraving machine can swing left and right, so the spindle can approach the work piece from multiple different angles and effectively process three effective machining surfaces.

4 axis CNC router4 axis CNC router Machine

Therefore, it can not only realize plane engraving, but also 3D engraving of irregular work pieces. In addition, this type of CNC wood router fully utilizes the geometry of the tool, controls the angle of the force, reduces the vibration of the force, and extends the service life, enhanced processing stability, and improved processing accuracy. Therefore, the four-axis CNC wood router can realize the processing of three-dimensional work pieces such as keel, Guanyin statue, Buddha statue, Roman column, gourd and so on. If you have a variety of processing requirements such as common work pieces such as 3D work pieces, complex work pieces and irregularly shaped work pieces, this 4 axis CNC router can meet your diverse processing needs.

The video below shows our 1325 4 axis CNC router carving a 3D wood workpiece. It's spindle can swing by 180° from right to left. This makes it quite suitable for engraving and carving left and right surfaces of the workpieces.

Types D: Rotary axis CNC router

Rotary axis CNC engraving machine is also called 4th axis CNCwood router who refers to these wood carving machine with rotary device. And it mainly processes cube or cylindrical work pieces.

Rotary axis CNC routerCNC router with Rotary Device on working table

During the processing of the rotary axis CNC wood router, it is not necessary to repeatedly rotate and process the work piece manually to reduce the number of clamping times and complete the processing of the work piece at one time. Compared with ordinary CNC wood router, rotary axis engraving machines reduce manual workload and improve production efficiency. In addition, since the tools of the rotary axis can be processed in layers, it is possible to ensure higher processing quality.

Here is the video showing our 1325 rotary axis CNC router carving wooden cylindrical parts. This function is widely used in the production of building handrails, table and chair legs, 3d wood sculptures and other cylindrical products.

Types E: Stone CNC engraving machine

Stone engraving machine is specially designed for a variety of stone processing. Judging from the processing path, it has the same processing path as ordinary engraving machines. With embossing, lettering, hollowing out, cutting, seamless stitching, surface treatment, desktop milling and other processing functions.

Stone CNC engraving machineStone CNC Router with multi-spindle

This type of engraving machine is mainly suitable for the processing of various types of hard materials such as stone, metal, jade, crystal, wood, artificial materials, synthetic materials, etc., and is widely used in inscriptions, garden engineering, large-scale sculptures, and crafts carving , Home improvement, film and other industries.

The following video shows our 1324 4 axis stone CNC router cutting a granite board at a high speed and with high precision. Apart from cutting, it can also engrave letters and patterns on the stone surface.

Types F: MINI CNC Router

Mini CNC router, also known as small engraving machine, home CNC router, Hobby CNC router. Compared with other common CNC machine, this small CNC engraving machine has a relatively small volume. Therefore, it is suitable for the fine processing of smaller carved surfaces, such as the surface treatment of badges, sand table models, and crafts.

MINI CNC engraving machineMINI CNC engraving machine

The feature of small volume has particularly obvious advantages in packaging and transportation. The packaging and transportation are convenient, which also saves users more costs to a certain extent. If the motor power of the mini engraving machine is upgraded, this type of engraving machine can also be used to produce crystal characters, various types of advertising signs, and irregular plate cutting. With its compact structure and small footprint, so easy to move and use, Mini CNC engraving machines are popular with woodworking enthusiasts and the advertising industry.

Here in the below video is our high-configuration 6090 ATC Mini CNC router. It is equipped with a four-tool linear tool magazine, reducing tool change time and improving work efficiency greatly.

Here in the below video is our high-configuration 6090 ATC Mini CNC router. It is equipped with a four-tool linear tool magazine, reducing tool change time and improving work efficiency greatly.

Types G: 5 axis CNC router

5 axis CNC machine refers to CNC router which have at least five coordinate axes (three linear coordinates and two rotation coordinates) on a machine tool, and different coordinate axes can be coordinated and moved simultaneously for processing under the control of a CNC system.

5 axis CNC router5 axis CNC router

This type of 5 axis CNC router has the advantages of high technology content and high machining accuracy, and is specially used for the machining of complex curved surface work pieces. At present, the 5 axis CNC machine is the only means to solve the processing of impellers, blades, marine propellers, heavy generator rotors, steam turbine rotors, large diesel engine crankshafts, etc. In addition, such numerical control equipment has a significant influence in the aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision equipment, high-precision medical equipment and other industries.

This is our most advanced and powerful 5 axis CNC machining center making a foam toilet in the video. It is good at process almost all materials and shapes. It’s widely used in high-tech and high precision industries.

Types H: EPS/Foam CNC router

EPS foam CNC router is also called CNC foam cutting machine. Relative to heavy-duty metal cutting machine, foam CNC machines are lightweight CNC machine. And compared with ordinary CNC machine, this type of foam CNC router has a larger processing size and processing stroke.

Foam CNC routerFoam CNC router

Especially in the mold industry such as automobile foam molds, gypsum molds, paraffin molds, large ship wooden molds, aviation wooden molds, propellers, and train wooden molds, this type foam CNC router is very popular.

The following video shows the working processing of our 2050 ATC 4 axis foam CNC machining center. The large size of the machine makes it suitable for processing large foam workpieces. Both the swing spindle and ATC function improve the work efficiency greatly.

Chapter 4: What are the Popular CNC Router Machine Table Size?

There are two processing sizes of common CNC router machines. One is the processing size of small format, and the other is the processing size of large format. Generally, the size of the small format CNC wood router includes:

note: 1 ft = 304.8 mm

Model Size in mm Size in ft (approxy)
ELECNC-6060 600mm * 600mm 2ft * 2ft
ELECNC-6090 600mm * 900mm 2ft * 3ft
ELECNC-1209 1200mm * 900mm 4ft * 3ft
ELECNC-1212 1200mm * 1200mm 4ft * 4ft

The engraving two-color plate is the most basic application of small format CNC wood router, which avoids unnecessary waste.
Large-format engraving machines include:

Blue Elephant provide many CNC router table size for your requirements.

Model Size in mm Size in ft (approxy)
ELECNC-1325 1300mm * 2500mm 4ft * 8ft
ELECNC-1530 1500mm * 3000mm 5ft * 10ft
ELECNC-2030 2000mm * 3000mm 6ft * 10ft
ELECNC-2040 2000mm * 4000mm 6ft * 13ft

The feeding widths of the engraving machines of the above models are more than 1350mm. The organic glass and PVC on the market The size of the board is 1220mm * 2440mm, so these models are more suitable for customers who need large format CNC engraving machines.

Chapter 5: Introduction of Core CNC Router Parts/Kits

CNC Spindle

The CNC spindle is an electric spindle that can be processed at high speed, which can be used for high-speed engraving, drilling and milling, drilling, etc. From the perspective of cooling methods, common spindles on the market include water-cooled spindles and air-cooled spindles. Water cooling spindle adopts water circulation to cool the heat generated after the spindle rotates at high speed, which has the advantages of good cooling effect, low noise, long service life and high accuracy. Air cooling spindle is cooled by fan cooling, which has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance and low cost. No special maintenance is required, so maintenance and use costs are lower. This air cooling spindle is suitable for users with shortage of water resources. Of course, it is also an ideal choice for winter processing, especially for users in the north.


The motor is an important component of the computer controlled wood router, and its performance has a crucial impact on the performance of the computer engraving machine. Motors are generally divided into two categories including precision machining motors and high-power cut-off motors.

The characteristics of precision machining motors are low noise, high speed, high precision, suitable for machining extremely fine work pieces, such as stamps, nameplates, badge gifts, etc. This type of motor is usually a high-speed variable frequency motor with low power, generally below 250W. The disadvantage is that the ability to cut thick materials is poor, and it is not suitable for cutting thick materials.

High power cutting motor, mainly used for cutting and engraving. It is characterized by high power and strong cutting ability, especially suitable for cutting characters and three-dimensional characters. Of course, it can also make badges, nameplates, seals, etc.

CNC router table

The table of the CNC wood router is mainly used to carry different processing work pieces. Different work pieces of different materials and shapes need to choose different processing tables. Common processing tables in the market include aluminum T-slot working table and T-slot &vacuum table.

The aluminum T-slot working table is fixed with fixtures to ensure that work piece will not shake during engraving. With the features of low cost and flexible method, it is suitable for work pieces with irregular shapes or difficult to fix work pieces. The T-slot &vacuum table is composed of a vacuum pump and a high-quality bakelite board. It can be divided into six sections and eight sections for vacuum adsorption, which can enhance the adsorption function even more. Opening the vacuum valve, the engraving plate will be directly fixed, which has the advantages of convenient loading and unloading, saving time, high efficiency, and fast speed. It is suitable for wood door processing and large-scale plate engraving.

Control system

The main function of the control system is to execute computer software commands and control the work of the inverter and driver. Commonly used control systems for woodworking engraving machines include handle control and computer control.

This method of using the handle control has the following advantages. No need to connect to a computer, it can save space. Simple operation, it is easier to learn and master. After power-off and restart, the machine has the function of automatic carving, which saves the tedious manual point matching and improves work efficiency. The failure rate is lower and the machine can run more smoothly. The computer-controlled method can not only preview the processing effect, and you can see the processing trajectory at any time, but also can correct the program loading errors during the operation in time. Each function is displayed on the control panel, which is very convenient to operate.


Rail is a device that holds, holds, guides, and reduces friction of a moving device or device. Common installations include round and square rails. Round rail has the advantages of low cost, short production cycle and easy installation, which is suitable for small-format fine carving, especially suitable for simple relief carving. So it is the best choice for mini CNC router or desktop CNC wood router. With the advantages of strong load capacity and accuracy maintaining ability, stable operation, low friction resistance, high positioning accuracy, and good reproduction,the square rail not only guarantees the high-speed and high-quality operation of the engraving machine, but also maintains high precision for a long time. So it is suitable for large format fine carving, and it is ideal for stone CNC wood router, woodworking engraving machines, foam engraving machines, etc.

Chapter 6: What are CNC Router Machine Applications?

Advertising industry

The application of CNC wood router in the advertising industry is mainly reflected in engraving and cutting on two-color board, Acrylic, artificial stone, PVC board, wood, MDF, ABS and other materials. And CNC router can be used to make badges, modeling, steel molds, carved seals, furniture carvings, gifts, souvenirs, handicrafts, signboards, sign making, prototyping, punching, printing molds, cutting of advertising characters, production of carved advertising light boxes, etc. Besides that CNC wood router can also be used for engraving various types of two-color plate signs, stone doorplates, three-dimensional notice boards, decorative gifts, light box pieces, two-color human statues, embossed medals, recessed light houses, organic plate reliefs, three-dimensional door heads, etc.

Furniture industry

Woodworking engraving machines are widely used in the furniture industry due to their high processing accuracy, simple operation, strong practicability, easy maintenance, and fast processing speed. The application of woodworking engraving machines in the furniture industry is mainly reflected in the functions of carving, embossing, cutting, hollowing out, which greatly exerts the artistic creativity of the furniture industry and can perfectly combine furniture design and furniture manufacturing. And common applications of the engraving machine in the furniture industry include processing of wave boards, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, craft wooden doors, paint-free doors, screens, craft windows, etc.

Mold industry

CNC router machine in the mold industry mainly reflects the engraving of various wood and foam. This processing has also been widely used in the woodworking industry, such as furniture embellishment, plane carving of large-area boards, carving of solid wood, mahogany and other furniture. In addition, the engraving machine can also be used in precision mold industry, toy industry, crafts and other industries. It can be used to process copper electrodes, stamping molds, hot stamping molds, hardware molds, glue molds, rubber molds, etc. And it is also used in watch and eyewear accessories.

Stone carving industry

The CNC wood router in the stone carving industry is mainly reflected in the processing functions of stone lettering, stone relief, stone carving, stone carving, stone line carving, stone cutting, stone hollowing. And the processing materials that can be processed include marble, granite, jade, blue-stone, and black-stone.

Besides that CNC router is also widely used in various industries such as technology industry, electronics industry, construction industry, printing and packaging industry, decoration industry, tombstone industry, crystal products industry.

Chapter 7: Precautions for Operation of CNC Router Machine

  • 1. After setting the engraving position, the X, Y, and Z axis coordinates must be all "0".
  • 2. Adjust the engraving speed and the spindle motor speed to prevent the cutter from cutting too fast or the motor speed is too slow during engraving.
  • 3. During automatic tool setting, please note that the tool setting block must be insulated from the aluminum T-slot working table.
  • 4. When engraving, if you are afraid of making mistakes, you can slow down the feeding speed and adjust the speed back to normal when you feel that the carving is normal, and you can also simulate engraving without on the work piece to see if it is normal.
  • 5. If the woodworking engraving machine is not used for a long time, regularly lubricate the X, Y, and Z axes of the transmission system to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.
  • 6. The continuous running time of woodworking engraving machine is less than 10 hours per day, to ensure the cleanness of cooling water and the normal operation of the water pump to avoid water shortage in the water-cooled spindle, and regularly replace the cooling water to prevent the water temperature from becoming too high.
  • 7. After each use of the woodworking engraving machine, pay attention to cleaning the dust on the platform and transmission system must be cleaned up.
  • 8. It is best for the operator to wear a dust mask and protective glasses when operating the woodworking engraving machine to avoid the intrusion of dust and the like generated during processing, causing discomfort.
  • 9. In order to extend the service life of the machine, it is recommended to add a certain dust-proof and dust-removing device to the woodworking engraving machine.

Chapter 8: Our Training Service of CNC Router Machine

If only you mastered the operation skills, then your CNC wood router can make amazing woodworks. It takes time and practice to master skills, but don't worry about it, if you buying machines from us, we offer training and set-up service. Our training service is mainly for beginners in this field or people new to some type of CNC wood router machines. You can come to our factory to learn operations, it is free and you can make it during an inspection of machines before shipping. If there is difficult of setting up machines, such as power cable connection, basic operation, you can also ask for a set-up service, it is not free but saves time.


This CNC Router Machine Buyer Guide above is the relevant knowledge about what is a CNC router machine, CNC router types, CNC router table sizes, CNC router parts/kits, CNC router application, CNC machine precautions and training. After reading this article, you will definitely have your own ideas in choosing an wood CNC machine. However, if you want to choose a CNC wood router that suits your processing needs, it is not enough to consider only the CNC router machine itself. The processing materials and manufacturers are also factors to consider before buying a CNC router machine. Follow me, the next article takes you to know how to choose the wood working engraving machine that suits you. If you have other needs or questions, you can leave a message or email to tell us your needs, I will be happy to help you answer your doubts.