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Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine

In tangential technology, we use a high quality carbide blade to cut through the media, that will bring a same result as a hand cut scalpel!

Mounted on a strong stepping motor, we use a 4th computer rotation axes to make perfect lines and curves.


  • No messy cut resulting from melting or fraying. Here a sample example for corrugated plastic versus router
  • Cut soft media with perfect edges : Felt, fabric, corrugated plastic, carpet, rubber, foam, etc.
  • No hazardous fumes from laser (example PVC or Neoprene rubber will produce chlorinated fumes that cause serious health problem like asthma, children congenital anomaly and cancer.)
  • Also very abrasive, laser fumes from these plastics will slowly etch your machine component.
  • No dust from cutting, we don’t remove any media then no dust collector needed. Giving a very clean working area without any dust in the air.
  • No burn edges, only a clean cut with a uniform color
  • No smell from melting or burning
  • Perfect square corner versus router because we go up in the air to turn the blade direction, giving a perfect corner

Tangential creasing tool  ECOCAM TCT-1

  • The TCT-1 is a processing unit for CNC-machines that is generally designed to crease cardboard, corrugated carboard and thin polypropylene material. Nevertheless it’s finally up to the user to test the machinability of respective materials. It’s not possible to assure the processability of certain materials because of the wide variety of applications.
  • The TCT-1 is a processing unit that is designed for the operation on a CNC machine with a closed and safety controlled working space. The manual usage of the unit is not allowed.