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CNC Wood Router

The CNC wood router is designed for carving and engraving wood, acrylic, PVC, double-colored, MDF, glass, and rubber boards. It is perfect for plane processing along the X, Y, and X axes. Both its worktable sizes and machine configurations can be customized according to users’ demands. It is widely used in cutting, carving, and engraving wood furniture, doors, cabinets, acrylic letters, signs, etc.

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What is a CNC wood router?

The CNC wood router on this page mainly refers to the 3 axis CNC router machine for CNC woodworking. The spindle of the CNC wood router carries the CNC router bits to move along the X, Y, and Z axes. As one type of the most commonly used wood CNC machine, it can cut, carve, engrave, mill, punch various types of wood boards. So it is also called CNC wood carving machine, CNC wood cutting machine, or CNC wood engraving machine.

The 3 axis CNC router has outstanding features, such as low cost, simple operation, multiple functions, and easy maintenance. So it is considered as an entry-level wood CNC machine in the CNC woodworking industry. And it is quite popular with users at home and abroad. The CNC wood cutting machine mainly performs some plane processing on wooden panels. If you are just doing flat machining on some plates, this 3 axis CNC router is definitely your ideal choice. For example, engrave patterns on or cut shapes out from a wood board.

How does a CNC wood router machine work?

Simply put, the 3 axis CNC wood carving machine works like a printer in terms of working principle.

The CNC router software (CAD) designs the engraving patterns and cutting paths to turn your ideas into electronic files. And the design and working path information is automatically transferred to the controller by the computer. Then the other type of CNC router software (CAM) turns the electronic files into G-codes. Such G-codes can drive the servo or stepper motor to work and control the CNC wood engraving machine spindle to move along the X, Y, and Z axes. So it can complete cutting, engraving, or carving work of multiple materials fixed on the working table.

Of course, sometimes, you have other machining requirements such as carving three-dimensional workpieces, curved surface machining of complex workpieces. To meet these demands, we also have CNC routers for woodworking with the rotating spindle, rotary device, automatic tool charge, or multiple spindles. You can choose one CNC wood cutting machine among them that can best suit your requirements.

Types of the CNC wood router for sale

Blue Elephant provides many models of 3 axis CNC wood router machines for various CNC woodworking.

According to the CNC router table size, the 3 axis CNC wood router for sale can have:

1200*1200mm (4x4 CNC router), 1300*2500mm (4x8 CNC router), 1500*3000mm (5x10 CNC router), 2000*3000mm (6x10) and 2000*4000 mm (6x12)
The CNC wood router table size can be customized according to your actual processing requirements. Therefore, you need to figure out the maximum size of your processing materials before buying a 3 axis router machine.

The 3-axis CNC router machine also falls into the ball screw-driven type and rack-and-pinion-driven type based on the driven modes. As the name supplies, the ball screw wood router machine refers to the machine adopting a ball screw transmission system. While the rack & pinion CNC wood carving machine adopts a rack and pinion transmission system. The pros and cons of these two types of CNC routers for woodworking are shown in the table below.
Transmission mode Pros Cons
Ball screw Accuracy
Less friction
Easier manufacturing
It vibrates for long axis travel
More expensive
Crashes may damage ball screw
Rack & pinion Less vibration for long length
Resilient to pollution in harsh environment
Accuracy not restricted by length
More complex to manufacture
Potential backlash on old machines
Less installation options

Major components of the CNC wood router for sale

Neither the processing size nor the configuration of the 3 axis CNC router machine is fixed. Blue Elephant provides custom-made services according to the different processing needs of customers. We strive to manufacture the best CNC wood router that can best meet customers' demands.

A 3 axis CNC woodworking machine mainly includes a machine bed, gantry, spindle, worktable, control cabinet, and other mechanical parts. And also the controller, CNC router software, motor, driver, guide rail, vacuum pump, and other CNC router parts. Customers can choose the brands and parameters of these components when customizing their machines.

Major technical parameters
Brand Blue Elephant
Models 3 axis ELECNC 1325, 1530, 2030, 2040, 2060
Voltage 380V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3P
CNC router table Aluminum T-slot, full vacuum, T-slot and vacuum table
Motor & driver Stepper or servo
Command language G code
CNC router software Mach3, Nc studio, Syntec, DSP, Siemens, NK
Processing materials Solid wood, particle board, plywood, MDF, PVC, acrylic

What is the CNC wood router price?

 The CNC wood router price varies greatly based on different specifications and configurations. But in general, as advanced and automatic equipment, the wood carving machine price will not be cheap. The CNC wood router price ranges from $2,000 to $12,000 approximately. This price range is only for reference. And the detailed price of a specific machine may be higher or lower than this range.

The CNC wood carving machine price is related to many factors. For example, machine size, detailed configurations, and also some additional fees, like shipping fees, taxes, custom clearance fees, etc. For example, a 600*900mm 3 axis CNC router for sale may only need $2,000. While a 2000x9000mm 3 axis CNC woodworking machine could cost over $10,000. In addition, for the same 3 axis CNC router machine, the freight from China to Europe is far more expensive than that to South Asia.

In short, the CNC router machine price can be different if you change any configuration or come from different countries. Besides, due to changes in raw material costs, international freight, and exchange rates, the CNC router machine price will also fluctuate.

Major applications of a CNC wood router

The best CNC wood router is mainly for processing double-colored boards, solid wood, MDF, fireboard, plywood, and melamine boards. It can also process other non-metal materials, like rubber, acrylic, PVC boards, and soft metals, like aluminum sheets.

CNC Routers for woodworking have wide applications in not only the woodworking field but also the following industries:
  • Advertising
  • Crafts, artworks
  • Molding
  • Electronics
  • Construction
  • Printing and packaging
  • Decoration
  • Tombstone
  • Crystal products
The most common purpose of the CNC wood cutting machine is to make panel furniture. For example, cabinets, cabinet doors, doors, office desks, etc. Blue Elephant also supplies other CNC routers to help the manufacturing of custom furniture.

Processing advantages of a CNC wood router

High cost performance. Processing requirements can be met without high procurement and training costs. This type of wood engraving machine can help users save 30% on the purchase cost. It is good at cutting and engraving wood panels quickly and accurately.

Wide range of applications. The wood CNC machine has extensive usage in furniture, advertising, crafts, molding, construction, printing and packaging, decoration, and other industries.

Extensive processing materials. It can realize the processing of most non-metal materials like acrylic, PVC board, two-color board, wood board, density board, fireboard, rubber board.

High degree of automation. Compared with the traditional processing methods, the processing efficiency of the CNC router machine has been increased by 50%. This also brings greater profit margins to users.

Safer operation. The wood CNC machine can complete the overall cutting and engraving process automatically. So operators don’t have to cut the wooden boards with manual tools, nor stay close to the cutting position. This makes the processing safer and more precise.

How to choose a CNC wood router?

Step #1: Make clear your processing requirements.

The selection of a 3 axis CNC router largely depends on your processing requirements. For instance, material type, size, thickness, and what you need to do with such materials. The wood CNC machine is good at cutting, engraving, or drilling various types of wood materials and some plastic materials. If your work only requires simple cutting and engraving, or make reliefs on panels, this machine is a good choice.

When you process cylindrical items or have multiple processes, you need to add additional configurations to the 3 axis CNC router. For example, you can add a rotary device to engrave or carve furniture legs, columns, pillars. And you can add a linear or disc type automatic tool change function to change CNC router bits automatically. We also provide automatic loading, unloading, and labeling platforms to improve cabinet-making efficiency.

Step #2: Select appropriate machine configurations.

Based on your processing requirements, you may have some general thoughts about the CNC router machine configurations. When you often cut boards, you may need a high spindle power. While, if you only engrave patterns on wood panel surfaces, a small power spindle will do. Besides, the CNC wood router table size is also an important matter to consider. For small craft workshops, the 2x3 CNC router or 4x4 CNC router may be big enough. However, the furniture or advertising letters makers may need larger ones, like 4x8 CNC router, 5x10 CNC router, etc.

There are also some other options when choosing the detailed specifications for your wood CNC router. In case that you don’t know which one to choose, our professional salesman can recommend the most suitable for you.

Of course, you need to consider how much you can afford. Because some models of the CNC routers could cost much.

Step #3: Find a good manufacturer and conduct the negotiation.

There are too many CNC woodworking engraving machine manufacturers on the market. The quality of the products they produce is also very different. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate carefully to select a qualified manufacturer. The criteria include R&D ability, production and delivery capacity, customers' satisfaction, etc.

After you find the right CNC machine manufacturer, you can start to negotiate with it. When all things are settled down between the two parties, remember to sign a contract. Specifying all terms and conditions in a contract will help protect the rights and interests of both parties.

Don't forget to check the after-sales service quality of the CNC machine manufacturer you choose.